1b- Calibration of prototype 1

The preliminary calibrations with silica sand pellets was made both in the discontinuous and the continuous prototype 1.


While developing the calibration of prototype 1, we carried out tens of SHS experiments with reagents and silica sand instead of ACW, so we could process a highly refractory material (Melting T of SiO2: 1726°C) and investigate the other variables of the system as geometry of the pellets, temperature of the pre-heating apparatus, time of reaction trigger.


A complete set of microphotographs was collected by means of a digital free-hand microscope after the experiments. It proved a useful tool to verify the success of the experiment. Dark metallic iron drops were developed, suggesting T SHS ≈ 1500°C, and reduction of pristine red Fe oxide.




The action was closed at June 2014